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Abellera, Teresa

Teacher-High School

Accettola, Filomena

Data Registrar

Anagnostou, Stamati

UDYC CEA substitute

I have worked in education in a variety of forms all over the country for the last 12 years and am excited to now be a part of the IA family at UDYC. My passion in education is forming authentic connections with my students, learning from them at least as much as they learn from me. Outside of work I am an avid rock climber, reader of science fiction and fantasy, amateur chef and budding chess player.

Anderson, Michele

Math Teacher
Lyda Barr

Barr, Lyda

Fiscal Specialist

Beauchamp, Tierra

Attendance Specialist/Secretary

Berger, Ehren

YEP Campus English Language Arts Teacher

My favorite part about being at Interagency is working with incredible young people. Y’all inspire me. I went to college at Western Washington University, Evergreen State College, and Seattle University. I am a silly and serious person who loves times with people as well as time alone. I love music, soccer, my son, the forests, books and writing, food, being with people, bad jokes, talking about life and thinking about things.

Boyd, Jennee

YEP Special Education/ Support Teacher, Campus Lead

My favorite thing about Interagency is being able to see students achieving their goas and aspirations, even if the road there was a little bumpy. I graduated from both South Seattle Community College and Western Governers University. GO NIGHT OWLS! During my college years I was also a member of the UW Husky Marching Band (ask me if you are interested in joining but not attending UW!). I spend all my time outside of school with my dogs or at the gym. I am very silly, love music, learning about other people's experiences, and I prefer tea over coffee.

Campbell-Jackson, Melissa

Student & Family Advocate - 204 day

Claytor, Rhonda

Alder Campus Online facilitator/IEP Case Manager/ Junior Advisor

Hello, I am Ms. Rhonda and I am so happy to be working at Alder this year! I am the online facilitator and the IEP case manager for the students here. This is my first year at Alder, after serving the same role at Beacon the past two years. I am excited to help students navigate Apex, our new online learning platform, and support students while they work to ensure their academic goals become reality.  I also enjoy getting to know students and then helping them think about long-term careers. I know that we can work together to accomplish much.  I hope you choose Alder! I am here for you.

Connolly, Jay

Building Trades CTE Teacher

Pre-Apprenticeship program, CAD, Manu Tech, Applied Geometry, & Welding I'm always happy to talk to students, families, alumni, and industry partners about opportunities for career training in the building trades and manufacturing.

Considine, Lorna

School Security Specialist

Correa, Flordelrio

Teacher-High School

Cushman, Mary

Academic Intervention Spec High School
Amy D

Dahl, Amy

Alder Campus Math Teacher and Art Coordinator

My classroom is built around the following 4 math messages: 1) Everyone can learn math. 2) Believe in yourself. 3) Mistakes and struggle are important to our learning. 4) Depth of thinking is more important than speed. I believe we can do hard things and math is a TEAM sport!

Bjorn Danielson

Danielson, Bjorn

Assistant Principal - Supporting Campuses YEP, OSA, and Queen Anne

I taught at YEP years ago, as well as at many of our other campuses.  What I really love about Interagency is how our students are so persistent in showing up and moving towards what they want in their lives, even though there are many challenges out there in the world. Our students know their teachers are dedicated to helping them learn skills and solve problems.  Students here are courageous in asking for what they need, as well as accepting advice and help as they work towards their goals.  Interagency students are my favorite in all of Seattle!!!! I went to college at various places over the years and most recently earned a degree from the University of Washington - Go Huskies! I have had the opportunity to work a lot of different jobs over the years. If you’re interested in what jobs are like in construction, policy making, underwater work, asphalting, emergency medicine, wilderness guiding, and yes, teaching at schools, let me know and I would love to try to answer any questions you have -- or just share fun stories from those experiences!

Joanne Davis

Davis, Joanne

SE Campus, Teacher - Special Education

Dennard, Cedric

Alder CEA and Campus Lead

Dixon, James

Youth Services Detention Special Education Teacher

My favorite part about being at Interagency is working with incredible young people. I went to college at the University of Washington. I love hip hop, basketball, my son, wife, a good book, talking about life and thinking about things.