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Academics at Interagency

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Language Arts

The language arts classes use the same curriculum across Interagency Academy. We offer direct instruction, process based reading and writing workshop. We use Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop high school curriculum. Many of our teachers have attended Reading and Writing Institutes at Columbia University in New York City, as well as in Seattle.


The math classes use the same curriculum across Interagency Academy. We offer direct instruction algebra and geometry, as well as offer a variety of interventions for student who may need extra support. 

Online Learning

Interagency offers students the opportunity to take classes (other than math and language arts) with APEX, an accredited online school. Students will work on these classes at school, and are strongly encouraged to complete as much course-work outside of school as possible.  

Culturally Responsive Teaching

We have changed the way we support African American male students andhow we teach American history at 2 Interagency campuses using what we learned from Oakland’s African American Male Achievement (AAMA) program, which has created structures and spaces that aim to guarantee successfor all African American male students in Oakland. The ManhoodDevelopment Course, the cornerstone of the program and also called “Mastering Our Cultural Identity: African American Male Image,” helps students identify the negative cultural stereotypes and expectations forblack men and boys that wreak havoc on self-image. The course takes adeep dive into African-American history and culture, from ancient civilizations to the civil rights movement to contemporary media. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

CTE at Interagency provides project based curriculum where students explore foundation skills and career pathways in manufacturing, building trades, and horticulture.  We offer a Building Traders Pre-Apprenticeship Program. Students can participate in Job Readiness Training(JRT) programs in culinary, construction, market garden, bike mechanics, and screen printing. Learn more on our Career Connected Learning page.

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