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Alder Academy

Alder campus building ext
1211 E. Alder St. Seattle, WA 98122   
Tel: 206-720-3135   Fax: 206-720-3311

Alder Academy is located in the Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center, near downtown Seattle, and provides a wide range of educational and transitional services to youth. Our staff works in a collaborative partnership with various community programs, juvenile probation counselors, and a host of other service providers. Alder staff works closely with their students to establish individualized learning and personal goals. At Alder we believe that youth should feel empowered to make positive change in their lives and the lives around them. Students at Alder have access to all of the services that Interagency offers, like our many JRT programs, job skills help, and student supports. 

The staff at Alder include:

Cedric Dennard- Campus Lead & CEA 

Dian Fundisha-Bey- Math and ELA 

Rhonda Claytor- Online Coursework

Amy Dahl- Math

Jason Fernandez- ELA

Alder Team