Summer Mental Health resources

If you are concerned about the mental health or safety of a friend or family member:

  • Warning signs
    • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns
    • Dropping hints or talking about suicide, making a plan
    • Giving special possessions away
    • Engaging in risky behaviors like driving recklessly or increased drug and alcohol use 
  • If you are concerned about a friend or family member
    • Show you care
    • Talk about the warning signs you’ve noticed
    • Listen without judgment 
  • Directly ask “Are you thinking about suicide?” If the answer is “yes,” Do not leave the person alone.
    • Contact a trusted adult
    • Contact one of the resources listed above
    • Call 911 if you feel urgent help is needed
  • 24/7 King County Sexual Assault Resource Center: 888.99.VOICE 
  • National Teen Dating abuse helpline 1.866.331.9474

When to seek urgent mental health care for yourself or others:

You are not alone! Get help when things feel out of control!

SUICIDE: If you’re thinking of harming yourself, talk to a trusted adult, or contact any of these resources: