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    Interagency Academy

    Interagency Academy is network of small, alternative high schools spread out across Seattle designed to support students who need different supports than comprehensive schools offer. We partner with community-based organizations and agencies to provide unique learning environments with targeted interventions. We are committed to working with every student, regardless of his or her past, and we believe that every student can grow and succeed if given the right support and encouragement. 

    Our Mission

    Interagency Academy assesses each student’s unique qualities; challenges him or her to achieve educational, career, and social goals through personalized learning plans and collaboration with families and agency partners; and inspires each to become self-sufficient and a good citizen of the community.

    Our Core Beliefs and Values 

    1. We believe in the value of being present.
    2. We believe in the value of knowing every student well academically, socially and emotionally.
    3. We believe that everyone matters and should be treated with kindness.
    4. We believe that we can create an environment that is physically, emotionally, culturally and spiritually safe for everyone.
    5. We believe in meeting every student where they are and supporting them as they grow.
    6. We believe in celebrating success.
    7. We believe in the value of team.
    8. We believe joy should be experienced every day. 

    Student learning posters

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    Contact Us

    3528 S. Ferdinand St.
    Seattle, WA 98118

    Main Office: 206-743-393
    Fax:  206-743-3931


    Melissa Rysemus

    Assistant Principals:
    Sharonda Willingham

    Sullivan Shaw

    Bjorn Danielson