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    Academics at Interagency

    Language Arts

    The language arts classes use the same curriculum across Interagency Academy. We offer direct instruction, process based reading and writing workshop. We use Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop high school curriculum. Many of our teachers have attended Reading and Writing Institutes at Columbia University in New York City, as well as in Seattle.

    Reading intervention is provided through the skilled implementation of Wilson Phonics, with our reading interventionist. We offer this intervention for students who qualify at most of our sites.


    The math classes use the same curriculum across Interagency Academy. We offer direct instruction algebra and geometry, as well as offer a variety of interventions for student who may need extra support.

    Online Learning

    Interagency offers students the opportunity to take classes (other than math and language arts) with Edgenuity, an accredited online school. Students will work on these classes at school, and are strongly encouraged to complete as much course-work outside of school as possible.  

    A.R.T. (Aggression Replacement Training)

    A.R.T teaches both social skills and leadership qualities. In addition, it meets the behavior modification requirement that some of our students must fulfill. The program consists of 10 weeks of intervention training, and is divided into three components: social skills training, which teaches the students the skills they need to act pro-socially, anger-control training, which provides students with the means to use self-control when they're frustrated, and training in moral reasoning, which increases the capacity of youth to understand and respond to moral issues and dilemmas, including those present when personal desires conflict with personal or organizational responsibilities.